Announcement of Tenth Cadaveric Course:  6th - 7th April: Cranial Endoscopy Workshop (Saturday - Sunday) |   12th April: DOA Basic Spine Course (Friday) |   20th - 21st April: Neurosurgery (Skull Base Approaches) (Saturday - Sunday) |   27th - 28th April: 4th AIIMS Pelvic Acetabulum course (Saturday - Sunday) |   4th - 5th May: Neurosurgery (Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery) (Saturday - Sunday)
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List of Courses

Course Duration/Frequency Participants  
Neurosurgery One Day/2 Month Neuro Surgeons/ENT Surgeons View Course Detail
Spine One Day/2 Month Neurosurgeons/spine surgrons/orthopaedic Surgeons View Course Detail
Orthopedics One Day/2 Month Orthopedics Surgeons View Course Detail
General Surgery One Day/2 Month Genereal Surgeons View Course Detail
Emergency Medicine One Day/2 Month Physicians View Course Detail
Anaesthesia One Day/2 Month Anaesthesio Logists View Course Detail
Gynecology One Day/2 Month Gynecologists View Course Detail
Peripheral Nerves/Brachial Plexus One Day/2 Month Hand Surgeons, Neuro Surgeons, Plastic Surgeons, Orthopedics Surgenos View Course Detail


The delegates are selected on the basis of their curriculum vitae by the panel of expert faculties.
The courses are divided into basic courses and advanced courses based upon the increasing level of difficulty and expertise required. The basic courses are offered to the undergraduate students and practising graduates. The Advanced courses are offered to postgraduate students and senior level practitioners. The basic surgical training of the delegates, their academic excellence, their participation in previous such cadaver training workshops and their familiarity with such type of courses in the past are kept in mind while selecting them for the courses. Selection committee has final authority of selection of delegates.