Announcement of Tenth Cadaveric Course:  6th - 7th April: Cranial Endoscopy Workshop (Saturday - Sunday) |   12th April: DOA Basic Spine Course (Friday) |   20th - 21st April: Neurosurgery (Skull Base Approaches) (Saturday - Sunday) |   27th - 28th April: 4th AIIMS Pelvic Acetabulum course (Saturday - Sunday) |   4th - 5th May: Neurosurgery (Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery) (Saturday - Sunday)
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The project “Proposal for the Establishment of a Cadaveric Dissection Facility” (file no. GIA/26/2014-DHR)was sanctioned from ICMR-DHR for a period of two years Nov- 2014- Oct 2016.

Prof. M C Misra

Dr SUmit Sihna

Prof A K Mahapatra

Dr Amit Gupta

Dr Vijay Sharma

Dr Vivek Trikkha

Dr Purva Mathur

Dr Sanjeev Lalwani

Dr Subodh Garg