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“A cadaveric micro anatomic study of intra-fascicular topography of brachial plexus”. The highlights of project were: The localization of fascicular groups was fairly consistent in all spinal nerves. Overall, 4% of the plexus supplies the suprascapular nerve, 0.31% supplies the medial cord (comprising the ulnar nerve and medial root of the median nerve [MN]), 27.2% supplies the lateral cord (comprising the musculocutaneous nerve and lateral root of the MN), and 37.8% supplies the posterior cord (comprising the axillary and radial nerves). Conclusions of the study were: The fascicular dissection and definitive anatomical localization of fascicular groups is feasible in plexal spinal nerves. The knowledge of exact fascicular location might be translatable to the operating room and can be used to anastomose related fascicles in plexal surgery, thereby avoiding the possibility of axonal misrouting and improving the results of plexal reconstruction. The work has been accepted for publication in the “Journal of Neurosurgery” entitled: A cadaveric microanatomical study of the fascicular topography of the brachial plexus.